Implement mobile rooms quickly and easily

In a very short time, a large room becomes many small rooms. All you need are clickwand elements and two people for assembly.

Look at the whole structure
Mobile walls are easy on the budget
protects your budget through longevity
Mobile screens are sustainable
sustainably produced for long use
Set up mobile walls flexibly
plan and expand flexibly
Professional and high-quality partition wall system
professional, valuable impression

Simple, stable, sustainable and economical.

With clickwand modules, it is very easy to build mobile walls and rooms. The clickwand system is stable, looks aesthetic and is very easy to clean.

clickwand elements are made from high-quality, sustainable materials in Germany. The long service life and short supply chains are good for the environment and the budget.

The modules can be flexibly combined. There are different widths and heights. Our standard colors are white and black. In larger quantities, we produce wall elements in your individual color.

By lamination with printed foils or fabric in the aluminum frame, every individual style and use, e.g. as an advertising medium, information board or signpost are possible.

Once you've built with clickwand, you'll stick with it. Become part of the clickwand community and discover clickwand for your project.

It's that easy

Buy clickwand and constantly expand

Plan with support

We'll help you choose the right items. The order can be visualized in advance with a drawing.

Order and delivery

Simply order from our support team. We deliver to you or directly to the first project location.

Expand again and again

Expand your system with additional modules and clickwand adapts to new tasks.

It's that easy

Test clickwand for your next project.

Joint planning

We will help you to choose the right modules. We visualize the clickwand project in advance with a technical drawing.

Delivery and assembly

We deliver to the project location and take over the construction with our team.

Dismantling and pickup

After the project, we take care of the dismantling and the return transport.

One system. Many possibilities.

The clickwand system can be used in many ways: in trade fair construction as a trade fair stand or as a partition wall in large halls. For mobile, lockable rooms, e.g. as a meeting room, cloakroom or backstage area. Or as a presentation medium for exhibitions and much more.

Thanks to their features and simple structure, clickwand modules are also particularly suitable for special requirements such as disaster control. Temporary shelters in reception centers are set up quickly and with little staff effort. The possibility of full-surface disinfection is an important property for medical facilities such as vaccination and test centers.

For other business cases, e.g. pop-up stores or temporary offices and advice centers are realized with the clickwand system.

Mobile space made of partition walls
Mobile rooms
Small and large rooms. Wherever discretion and tranquility are needed in large spaces.
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Illuminated walls with exhibits for an architecture exhibition
Presentation walls
Simply stable and valuable walls everywhere. For art, information and digital media.
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Large hall with many cabins made of mobile walls
Easily structure and divide up large rooms. With clickwand partitions.
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Proven in practice

Construction teams love clickwand.

The clickwand system makes assembly so easy that anyone can get started right away. This reduces personnel expenses, training time and frees up time for other important tasks.

Wall system that can be set up very quickly
Planned, set up and dismantled quickly

Planning with the clickwand system is so quick and easy because adjustments can still be made on site at any time. Just as quickly as all the elements are clicked together, everything is back in the truck and ready to go.

Mobile screens with low weight
Low weight for particularly easy transport

Most clickwand modules can be carried by a single person. This increases flexibility and reduces waiting times for the second pair of hands.

Mobile wall system with tool-free assembly
Tool-free assembly: like building blocks for grown-ups

Simply plug together. That's it! clickwand solutions are installed without tools. Therefore, assembly will never again be delayed by a missing drill or screwdriver.

Stable partitions
More stable than conventional mobile wall systems

The stability of clickwand walls and rooms is comparable to that of conventional walls in trade fair construction. The difference: clickwand is much easier to set up and can be used again and again.

Frequently asked Questions

The clickwand can be washed with a damp cloth and even disinfected with the usual gentle cleaning agents. This means that it can also be used in hygienically sensitive areas.

Yes. The clickwand can be disinfected with standard disinfectants. This means that it can also be used in medical facilities such as test and vaccination centers without any problems. Sterilization with ozone or UV radiation is also unproblematic.

With good care, the clickwand can be used again and again. We still use first-generation clickwand modules for rental, some of which have been in use for more than 10 years.

Yes. Clickwand solutions, individual elements and accessories can be rented. We also offer planning, delivery and assembly.

Yes. We offer clickwand solutions, individual elements and accessories for sale. Alternatively or in addition, we rent most of the products from our portfolio.

Yes. If you decide to buy a system, you can set up the clickwand very easily, quickly and without tools. As part of the rental, we will be happy to set it up and take it down for you.

Yes. The wall elements can be printed using the screen or stamp printing process. As a rule, however, we recommend foil lamination with digitally or offset-printed foils as a cheaper and more flexible alternative. The highest quality and most sustainable option is an aluminum frame with a textile print.

Yes. If you want to paint or varnish the clickwand, it is necessary to apply waste paper beforehand. If you have special color ideas, we recommend that you order the clickwand directly in your color from the factory. The color in this case is more durable and looks high-quality for longer.

Nails and screws have a limited hold in the clickwand modules with a limited load-bearing capacity. For low loads, a glued connection or hanging makes more sense. If possible, you should opt for a removable adhesive so as not to damage the surface of your clickwand. In addition, our clickwand offers hanging options ex works.

Yes. You can use permanent or temporary adhesive bonds on the clickwand. It is also possible to attach self-adhesive films for lamination.

The clickwand is optimized for easy transport. The elements weigh 7-33 kg depending on the size.

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We recommend storing the modules upright to protect the surfaces and edges. We recommend stanchions from our accessories range as the ideal means of transport and storage.

The smaller wall elements can be carried alone. For safety reasons, we particularly recommend not carrying the high and long modules alone. Nevertheless, we recommend that two people carry all wall modules.

The clickwand is available in different widths and heights:

100 cm x 300 cm
100 cm x 250 cm
96 cm x 300 cm
96 cm x 250 cm
50 cm x 300 cm
50 cm x 250 cm
30 cm x 300 cm
30 cm x 250 cm

In addition, we can produce special sizes in larger quantities as custom-made products.

The prices of the clickwand are calculated daily based on the raw material prices.

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Yes. There are doors in different designs and many accessory options for the clickwand system.

Yes. However, for the most professional look possible, we recommend original clickwand lights.

The clickwand is available in the standard versions white and black. In addition, depending on the number of elements ordered, we can produce many individual special colors.

Yes. Custom-made products, such as embedded televisions or special product presentation walls, are possible by arrangement. However, you will find that the vast majority of requirements can be solved excellently with the basic system.

The click wall surface consists of High Pressure Laminate (HPL). These are several pieces of paper impregnated with melamine and phenolic resin, which are pressed together and with a top layer under the influence of pressure and temperature.

In addition to 90° angles, 120° angle brackets are also possible.

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